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Confidentially express interest in working for another company.

Launching December 2017

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How Opportune Works

  1. Create a professional profile showcasing your experience.
  2. Build a wishlist with three companies you want to work for.
  3. Be patient and be responsive if someone reaches out to you.

What is Opportune

You're working, you’re happy and you’re not spending your evenings looking at job listings. But there are a few companies you would be happy to talk to if they called. Opportune gives you exposure only to the companies you want to hear from. They might call in three days or in three months, but when an opportunity comes up, they know who to call. Your dream companies want a dedicated, experienced workforce so they’re going to be looking for people like you.

Why Opportune

Find work you’re actually passionate about — the kind of thing that makes it exciting to get up in the morning.

Keep a low profile and only get exposure to the companies you’re interested in.

It’s free and always confidential so there’s no harm in setting up your Opportune profile.

Coming Soon

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